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Learn how to choose hearty, plant-based meals your meat lovers will actually enjoy with my step-by-step ebook! 

Tired of seeing disappointed faces every time you make a new plant-based meal? Not sure how to make your meat lovers happy on a whole food, plant-based diet? Wondering where to find the kind of meals they'll actually enjoy?

The Carnivore's Guide to Choosing Hearty, Plant-Based Meals can help, with my personal strategies for choosing plant-based recipes even the most adamant carnivores can't refuse. The main guide also comes with a 25-recipe companion cookbook and bonus tip booklet to arm you with everything you need to make mealtime a success!

And good news if you're eager to start NOW. This printable ebook bundle is instantly available to you as a digital download sent to your email. You can have it spiral bound at most office supply stores. Nothing will be shipped, so you don't have to pay shipping! 

This ebook gives you practical, easy-to-digest information so you know exactly what meat lovers are looking for in a meal. And spoiler alert: it isn't necessarily meat! If you just want someone to spell it out in black and white and tell you how to finally choose the right kind of meals, then this is it!

The Carnivore's Guide to Choosing Hearty, Plant-Based Meals

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Easy to Start

The Carnivore's Guide gets you started right away with simple mealtime changes you can make no matter what!

Easy to Understand

Learn exactly what your meat lovers are looking for in a meal and how to incorporate these characteristics into your recipes.

Easy to Implement

Use the practical tips and strategies in The Carnivore's Guide to select winning plant-based recipes with confidence!

What does The Carnivore's Guide to Choosing Hearty, Plant-Based Meals cover?

This guide teaches you how to choose the kinds of meals your meat loving family members are looking for -- without the meat!

Specifically, it covers

  • The mealtime mistake you don't want to make when you're trying to feed carnivores
  • "The Big 3", which are the three main characteristics your meat lovers want to see on their plate 
  • How to incorporate The Big 3 into your meals
  • How to evaluate new recipes to see if they qualify as a hearty meal 
  • How to find reliable recipe sources that supply you with endless hearty recipes
  • How to get your family involved in the meal planning process 
  • My favorite sources for hearty, plant-based recipes
  • Insider tips for using Pinterest to find winning recipes
  • How to turn an almost-perfect recipe into a whole food, plant-based gem

How do I know this will help?

You don't. But I do. My name is Summer and that's my very own meat loving man, Josh. We went mostly whole food, plant-based back in 2016. Only back then I wasn't exactly the best plant-based cook. 

Don't get me wrong; I was an experienced cook. I could make a meatloaf that put everyone else's to shame. But when it came to plant-based cooking? Well, that's was outside of my wheelhouse.

Without any real sense of direction, I struggled to make the kind of meals Josh really liked. There were many, many sad faces at dinner time, and I didn't like feeling like a failure in the kitchen.

I’ve gotten better about planning hearty, plant-based meals that Josh absolutely loves, but I can still relate to that helpless feeling of not knowing what to cook that my meat-and-potatoes guy would actually enjoy.  

That’s why I partnered with Josh to create a guide that shows you how to choose hearty, plant-based meals that your meat loving family can't get enough of.  

Josh and I have all kinds of experience and insider tips to share on this topic, especially since last summer he finally, FINALLY told me in plain English, “Summer, this is what I’m looking for in a meal. If a plant-based meal has these things, I’m happy!”  

Now where was that information when we first went plant-based?! Ha!  

Anyway, this book will give you an inside peek into the mind of a plant-based-yet-meat-loving man along with the strategies I use to select winning recipes to please his picky palate.

Summer and Josh Sebastian

What if I'm brand new to plant-based eating?

Then you're in the right place. This guide is the perfect companion for someone who is just starting out on a whole food, plant-based diet because you'll be more likely to win over your skeptical family members when you cook the kinds of meals they really want. 

How fast can I get it?

Immediately after you order it! This is a digital product bundle sent straight to your email, so nothing will be shipped to you.

Can you tell me more about the cookbook?

Hearty cookbook

Hearty is a collection of 25 of Josh's very favorite hearty, plant-based meals. These are the ones he requests over and over, so you can be sure they're husband approved. 

Each recipe has a full color photo to go along with it so you know exactly what the recipe is supposed to look like. Also, the recipes are easy to make, and they call for regular ingredients that you can get at almost any grocery store. 

Here are some of the recipes featured in Hearty:

  • Savory Tofu Scramble (featured on the cover)
  • Double Berry Walnut Waffles
  • Mexican Fiesta Burger
  • Spice Rack Taco Soup
  • Big 'n' Bold Texas Cauliflower Bites
  • Oil-Free Crispy Baked Fries
  • Creamy Whipped Hummus
  • Party Maker Guacamole

Please note, though, that not every recipe in the cookbook is oil-free. Two recipes call for a small amount of oil, and a few other recipes suggest using a light spritz of nonstick spray to prevent sticking. Feel free to adjust the recipes as you see fit using the tips found in the back of The Carnivore's Guide.

Can you tell me more about the tip booklet?

The tip booklet is a collection of our 14 best tips for getting your family on board with the whole food, plant-based lifestyle. It's especially helpful if you have a family of meat lovers who aren't exactly excited about eating a bunch of plants!

Some of these are lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way, and others are tips that Josh wanted me to include so you have a man's perspective on the matter. All of them will help you make the transition easier and with as few arguments and/or disappointed faces as possible!

14 Essential Tips to Help Your Family Go Plant-Based

Okay, so how much is it?

The entire bundle -- main guide, companion cookbook with full color photos, and tip booklet -- is easily worth more than $40, but for a limited time I'm offering it for just $27.  

And great news: all future updates to the bundle are free of charge to purchasers! I have plans to expand this bundle into a course complete with video, so you'd get access to the expanded version for free. 

The Carnivore's Guide to Choosing Hearty, Plant-Based Meals will help you understand exactly what your meat lovers are looking for in a meal so you can spend less time dealing with grumpy eaters and more time enjoying a pleasant family conversation around the table. If you ask me, that alone is priceless.

Don't wait, grab your bundle now at the discounted price and start using it immediately!

The Carnivore's Guide instant digital download
  •  53-page main guide 
  •  66-page companion cookbook
  •  19-page tip booklet

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>>> Please note that this is a digital product. You will not receive a physical copy in the mail. <<<

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